How VetBooks Works

At VetBooks, we make it easy for you to get a handle on the finances at your practice. Our deep experience in the industry and friendly approach to helping independent veterinary practices will give you the information you need to move forward with confidence.

VetBooks is a bookkeeping service designed to help veterinarians improve their practice by enabling them to better understand and manage their finances. Better financial management and a more streamlined process is the key to making business decisions confidently. 

Our Ongoing Services Include:

  • Implementation and review of the AAHA-VMG Chart of Accounts
  • Set-up of Quickbooks online and other technology to automate document collection
  • Reconciliation of all revenue accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts
  • Account for every penny in the practice by capturing digital copies of all receipts, invoices and statements – every expense has backup documentation
  • Allocation of payroll into the AAHA-VMG labor accounts
  • Calculate and pay state sales and use taxes
  • Manage accruals and depreciation schedules
  • Prepare financial statements for the practice every month
  • Liaise with your accountant for tax filings
  • Pay the practice’s bills*
  • Process payroll*
  • Manage real estate entities*
  • 1099 preparation*

*optional service


We review your existing bookkeeping.

You’re in capable hands!

As a veterinarian, your primary focus is on caring for pets and supporting pet parents. We totally get that, and that’s why we’re here. 

After signing up for VetBooks, we’ll review your existing bookkeeping practices. You can think of this just like an exam. Rest assured, we’ll get a sense of our starting point and where you’re at with your current processes. 

Once we complete our initial review, our expert team will begin developing a plan to bring the bookkeeping at your practice up to date with best practices for the veterinary industry.

We answer any questions that you have and bring discipline to the process. 


We implement any new software and VetBooks' processes.

We’ll make it easy for you and walk you through everything.

With an implementation plan in place, we will begin working with you and your team. We’ll get and set up all the accounting software you need.

Don’t worry, we’ll do most of the heavy lifting, transitioning from any of your existing systems to a more streamlined approach.

We believe a key element of veterinary practice success is grounded in financial control. With our disciplined approach, you’ll get the specific information you need to have absolute confidence in your practice’s finances. 


You gain valuable understanding of the health of your practice, enhanced control over your financials, and the added benefit of reclaiming your time.

Now that’s a relief!

With timely and accurate financial information from VetBooks, you’ll begin to see more clearly how to understand the financial outcomes of your practice.

Our proven approach for veterinary practice bookkeeping makes sure that you are paying attention to the facts and figures that matter most for your finances. 

In addition to valuable insights on your business, you’ll now be fully prepared for any reporting to tax agencies, lenders, financial advisors, practice consultants and other stakeholders.

With everything in order, you’ll no longer have to sweat the small stuff. With VetBooks, you can finally look at the big picture of your practice and start planning for your future with confidence. 

Are you ready to

sleep better at night?

Take the first step toward controlling your practice’s financials.
Schedule a call today.

Are you ready to

sleep better at night?

Take the first step toward controlling your practice’s financials.
Schedule a call today.

Unlock the full potential

of your practice

Unlock the full potential of your practice

Your finances are the foundation of your practice. When your practice is under financial control, you are in a position to successfully manage all aspects of your business with confidence. 

At VetBooks, we’re dedicated to helping practices gain access to insights that can only be revealed with a bookkeeping approach that is systematically applied using the proper tools, benchmarks, and chart of accounts.  

We combine our deep industry knowledge and experience with a friendly approach to helping independent veterinary practices succeed. It takes discipline to maintain good bookkeeping processes, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

We know that patient care is your area of expertise. If you’re looking for guidance in optimizing your bookkeeping processes by exploring the benefits of a vet-specific approach, you’re not alone. We’ve helped practices just like yours by delivering timely and accurate financial information, taking the guesswork out of bookkeeping and decision-making, and giving you the keys to unlock the full potential of your practice with confidence.

Experience Excellence with VetBooks

Ready to get started,
but not sure where to start?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have.
You can also
read more in our FAQs.

If you’re interested in learning more about elevating your bookkeeping game but the timing isn’t right, click here to tell us when you’d like us to get back to you.

Accounting Terms in Plain English

Here’s a list of important terms we use every day:

Money that a company owes to other people or businesses for things they haven’t paid for yet.

Money that other people or businesses owe to a company for things they haven’t paid for yet.

A way of recording money earned and spent when it happens, even if the actual money hasn’t been received or paid yet.

When a company spreads out the cost of something intangible, like a patent or copyright, over its useful life.

Things that a company owns and are valuable, like money or property.

When someone checks a company’s financial records to make sure they are accurate and follow the rules.

A report that shows what a company owns, what it owes, and what is left over for the owners.

A way of recording money earned and spent only when the actual money is received or paid.

A report that shows how much money comes in and goes out of a company.

An accounting chart of accounts is like a special filing system for money in a business. It uses sections and labeled folders to organize different types of money activities, like sales, expenses, liabilities, and owner’s equity. It helps businesses keep track of their finances and understand how money comes in, goes out, and where it’s being used.

A professional accountant who has passed exams and can provide accounting services to the public.

When a company spreads out the cost of something it owns, like a building or machine, over its useful life.

A way to measure how much money a company is making before considering certain expenses. It looks at the company’s earnings without counting interest payments on loans, taxes, or the costs of things like wear and tear on equipment or the use of copyrights.

The part of a company that belongs to the owners after taking away what is owed to others.

Money that a company spends to run its business and make products or offer services.

A set of rules that companies use to prepare and show their financial statements.

A place where all the company’s financial transactions are recorded.

A report that shows how much money a company made and spent during a certain time.

Money that a company owes to other people or businesses.

Money that a company earns by selling things or providing services.

A list that shows how much money is in different accounts to make sure it all adds up correctly.


Considering the advantages of partnering with VetBooks, do you find yourself intrigued but still have a few lingering questions? Read our FAQs here or contact us for a demo.

The simple answer is “yes.” Vetbooks is not an accounting firm, but our services do organize and streamline your bookkeeping so that it makes your CPA’s job a lot easier and should save you money.

VetBooks organizes and streamlines the process and does all the practice’s bookkeeping. If you have a person doing the bookkeeping today, our team replaces that service. You will still need someone at the practice who can respond in a timely way to questions from our team.

VetBooks does not require any training or specialized skills. There are easy-to-follow set up instructions and our Onboarding Team and Account Managers will guide you along the way.

There is no special software required for your practice. We do use commercially available tools (including Quickbooks Online) and we’ll license the tools on your behalf.

No. VetBooks is not software. It’s a service that goes well beyond simple record-keeping tasks. VetBooks does all the bookkeeping work so your team can tend to your patients.

No. Once VetBooks is up and running you will no longer need your current third-party software to run your bookkeeping. We’ll set you up with all the software you need and support you all the way through.

No. While we use a veterinary-specific chart of accounts and the accrual method of accounting, it has little to do with how your accountant files your taxes.

It’s the best way to benchmark across the industry and:

  • Create a 1:1 relationship between the practice’s revenue and direct costs
  • Identify profitability for specific products and services

You do sign an agreement with us when we start together but our services are billed monthly and there are no minimum commitments or penalties for canceling.

VetBooks never deletes any of your bookkeeping history. We import as much historical information as necessary to get your practice up and running and you keep all of your historical data.

The short answer is: “no.” The longer answer is that VetBooks is bookkeeping service. We provide the most essential information about your practice – your financial health. We’ll review what we’ve done and how you’re doing. We have lots of experience in the veterinary industry but we are not consultants. We don’t tell you what to do. We do have a long list of friends and suggestions that we can provide along the way. But we’re not Practice Management Consultants.

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