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Who We Endorse

We’ve been in the veterinary industry for a LONG time. We know and like a lot of people. The friends listed on this page are not only people we’ve known for a long time but also people we trust. As a reminder, relationships aren’t one-size-fits-all. Just because we like these people doesn’t mean they’re an automatic fit for your business. We don’t endorse their work. We don’t endorse their pricing. We don’t endorse their skills. We DO endorse them as good, kind, and honest human beings – which is a great start.

If you’re looking for assistance with a service that we don’t have listed here, or would like us to offer more providers than the ones listed here, we strongly encourage you to check out VetPartners. VetPartners is an association of consultants and advisors with expertise in a broad spectrum of business disciplines with a focus on helping veterinary practices maximize their potential. Here’s a link to the directory of impressive members.


Jharid Pratt at Granite Peak Veterinary Advisors. Jharid is the CEO of Granite Peak. Jharid brings a unique blend of expertise in business and individual income tax planning, compliance, budgeting, projections, and cash flow planning. He’s honest, knowledgeable, and kind AND knows his way around the tax code.

Brett Robertson and the team at Lacher McDonald are CPAs by training and dedicated to the veterinary profession by choice. Their consultants have worked with veterinarians for more than 25 years and specialize in guiding veterinary practice owners to realize their business potential and achieve their financial goals. Their foundation as a CPA firm begins with understanding the financial statements. They go further and tailor their services to your practice based on your financial goals.

Practice Management Consultants

Dr. Joy Fuhrman a Veterinarian AND a CPA. Originally from South Africa, Dr. Fuhrman has extensive experience in financial consulting and corporate accounting. As a CPA and a graduate of Colorado State University’s combined MBA/DVM program, she offers a fusion of prior veterinary practice ownership, financial, and management skills. Dr. Fuhrman is a veterinary consultant and nationwide industry speaker. She is also a practitioner and previous veterinarian practice owner, as well as an adjunct faculty member at Midwestern University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Financial Planners/Advisors

Marketing Services

Looking to boost your veterinary practice’s visibility and reach? We recommend you consider BluePrints Veterinary Marketing Group as your go-to marketing agency. As a full-service firm with a profound understanding of the veterinary industry, they offer innovative and customized marketing solutions to help generate new business, promote what makes your animal health business or practice unique, engage with your ideal client, and attract new team members. Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage their expertise and take your business where you want to go.

IT Consulting

I.T. Guru What VetBooks does for financial processes and controls, IT Guru does for information technology (IT) for practices. Joe Axne and his team are true professionals. They know their way around veterinary practices and take care of everything from practice management functions like medical records, billing and payroll, to leading-edge clinical capabilities such as telehealth, to integrating all your various systems into a cohesive whole. They also mitigate risks like data breaches, computer crashes, and server failures. IT is the backbone of your practice’s viability and Joe and his team are important and reliable partners.

Group Purchasing Organizations

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